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International transportation expenses for incoming greyhounds

We appreciate your help with the expenses bringing Greyhounds in from overseas.

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Why Irish and Australian Greyhounds?

Greyhound racing in Ireland and Australia is very similar to racing here 20 years ago. Far more dogs are bred than needed and the less populated countries don’t have enough adopters for the onslaught of retired greyhounds. SA Greys has partnered with groups in Ireland and Australia to give these soon-to-be cherished hounds a chance at living the pet life.

While the dogs have received vaccinations, dentals and have been altered, the transportation expenses cost approximately $1600 per hound after our $1000 adoption fees; that’s a pretty steep hill to climb.

For instance:

$25 covers the removal of one used sizeable crate

$75 provides for one night of kenneling for six dogs upon arrival in Tucson

$250 covers Custom and Broker's fees for each flight

$500 covers 1/3 of cargo fees per dog

Also, the costs at the time of travel are based on cargo costs and exchange fees. Australian dogs land at LAX which adds to their expenses of getting them from there to Tucson.

No matter where a racing greyhound comes from, he or she deserves the life of a beloved pet, to go for leisurely walks and car rides, to be cuddled on a soft bed and to find a place in your heart. You can make it possible…